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Accelerating metaverse evolution & brand adoption of NFTs, to drive enhanced customer engagement

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Metaverse Consulting

Research, identify and craft metaverse engagement strategies for clients, precisely tailored to meet brand-specific needs


Metaverse Design

Create visually stunning and unforgettable experiences in the metaverse showcasing your brand's unique value proposition and create lasting connections with your audience


Gamified Brand Experiences

Elevate your brand's presence in the metaverse with innovative gamified experiences, crafted to captivate consumers, drive engagement, and unlock new opportunities for growth


Loyalty, Rewards & Incentives

Boost brand engagement in the metaverse with tailored programs designed to foster lasting loyalty and encourage consumers to engage with brands in new ways

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Digital Twins

Construct immersive digital replicas of physical spaces and products in the metaverse to enhance operational efficiency and streamline processes


Digital Asset Creation

Craft high-quality digital assets for metaverse strategies, from concept development to implementation, and enhance brand engagement with consumers

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Metaverse Reports

A comprehesive study on metaverse branding through immersive gaming experiences in the past year

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About Us

About Us

In the past 15 years, Metamaxx experts have helped leading brands , evolve their marketing ecosystems from physical to digital. We have worked with some of the largest global brands to help them get ahead of changing consumer behaviors and defined key digital marketing principles in practice.

Today, we are a leading metaverse evangelist helping multiple brands unclutter the hype and build purposeful brand gravity in the metaverse through strategic vision, creativity and technology.

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