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Metaverse Report

Gamified Brand Engagement in 2022

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A comprehensive study on metaverse branding through immersive gaming experiences in the past year

Join us in our journey as we research and analyze the various trends that are impacting and shaping metaverse experiences and use-cases today.


In this report we uncover and breakdown the driving factors which lead major brands globally to adopt gamification as an engagement channel for metaverse experiences.


Some of our key findings include answers to:

  • Current state of gamified brand engagement in the metaverse.

  • Historical analysis of brands engaging in the space, with impact across different industrial verticals and metaverse platforms.

  • Channels and use-cases of consumer interaction in the metaverse.

  • Consumer profiles of players in gamified metaverse spaces.

  • The future and expected trends in metaverse gaming for the coming years.


Get up-to-date on the most exciting development currently shaping the metaverse space, and understand how you might adopt it to drive organizational change.

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